Our Aircraft Turbo Products

As the largest manufacturer of aircraft turbocharging systems, we focus on pushing the boundaries of turbocharger technology, providing cutting-edge systems and components built to the highest standards. AeroForce has invested in the engineering tools and manufacturing equipment to advance the state-of-the-art design to deliver industry-leading quality.

Aircraft Turbochargers

AeroForce produces aircraft turbocharger components on advanced CNC equipment, inspects them using precision Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs), and every assembly is accurately balanced using high-speed balancing equipment, capable of balancing to speeds in excess of 100,000 rpm. We offer an application for nearly any size and performance requirement, spanning the engine range from the Rotax 914 to the largest big bore Continentals and Lycomings used in pressurized aircraft.

Aircraft Turbo Controllers

AeroForce offers various types of controllers that function as the brain of the aircraft turbocharger system. Our controllers automatically sense upper deck and/or manifold pressure to maintain sea-level horsepower at altitude without over-speeding the turbocharger.

Aircraft Turbo Wastegates

AeroForce wastegates respond to commands from the Controller to manage turbine speed through the management of exhaust pressure, and are available in a poppet and butterfly-style valve based on your application.

Aircraft Turbo Pressure Release Valves

AeroForce pressure relief valves act as a supplementary safety device within our aircraft turbocharger systems. If the compressor discharge pressure exceeds a specified limit the relief valve will open to prevent over boosting the engine.

Aircraft Turbo Scavenge Pumps

AeroForce scavenge pumps efficiently return oil from the turbocharger center housing back to the engine crankcase for a continuous cycle of fresh lubrication.

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