When it’s time to overhaul or repair your AeroForce turbocharging system, look for servicing at repair stations that meet the rigorous standards of the AeroForce product line. With our worldwide network of Recommended Service Facilities (RSF), you are assured the highest-quality overhauls and repairs offered.

With an RSF, you are guaranteed an overhaul, which meets the superior quality and stringent requirements of factory-new turbochargers. Only RSF network shops will have the parts, tools and training to overhaul turbochargers to factory-approved specifications and are authorized to perform warranty repairs. Additionally, you’ll be assured that all work is performed in accordance with the most recent versions of AeroForce maintenance manuals. All personnel working on your overhaul will be factory trained on turbocharging systems and components. Only genuine detail parts from the AeroForce product line are used in the overhaul process (no PMA parts), and product liability insurance is maintained, and covers all work accomplished.

  • Guaranteed genuine replacement AeroForce parts
  • Repairs and overhauls performed with the most up-to-date AeroForce maintenance manuals
  • Technicians trained and authorized to repair or overhaul turbocharger systems to factory-approved specifications
  • Facilities maintain necessary approved tools and equipment and pass regular process audits
  • Product liability insurance protection

Hartzell Engine Technologies has appointed the following distributors as an RSF for all of AeroForce aircraft turbocharger, wastegates, controllers and pressure relief valves.

Air Power Inc.
Air Power Inc.
Arlington, Texas United States
  • (866) 287-8886 Phone
Main Turbo Systems, Inc.
Main Turbo Systems, Inc.
Visalia, CA USA
  • 559-635-3322 Phone
  • 888-847-8008 Toll Free
Quality Aircraft Accessories
Quality Aircraft Accessories
Tulsa, Oklahoma USA
  • +1 918-835-6948 PHONE
  • +1 877-833-6948 TOLL FREE
  • +1 918-835-2804 FAX