Service Letter #073

Feb 06, 2018

TA04 & TA36 Turbocharger Left-Hand Thread Turbine Wheel Assembly Change Notification Introduces new left hand threaded turbine wheels P/Ns 490033-0019, 490033-0025, 490033-0028, 490034-0006, 490034-0019, and new left hand threaded compressor wheel nut, P/N 444205-0001.

Service Letter #058

Jul 07, 2015

Turbocharger – P/N CF600400-00 Turbine Housing Gasket Supersedure. Affects 600 Series (Rajay) Turbochargers.  Introduces P/N 490009 Turbine Housing Gasket.

Service Information Letter #A-142

Mar 29, 2011

Turbocharger Installation and Turbine Housing Mounting Tab Shim Washers. Affects installation of 406610-0005 or 406610-9005 turbochargers.

Service Information Letter #A-131

Jun 02, 2008

Turbocharger P/N 466304-0003 Data Tag Inspection. Affects Cirrus SR22 with Tornado Alley Turbonormalizing System.

Service Letter #019 Rev. B

May 19, 2006

Reissue and Supersedure of Turbocharger Overhaul manual. Introduces P/N 400600-0000 Turbocharger Overhaul & Maintenance Manual replacing Garrett / Honeywell Manual TP20-0128 and Rajay Manual 600999-0000

Service Information Letter #A-111

Feb 07, 2003

Recommended Service/Inspection for Cessna 402C Exhaust By-Pass Valve Assembly. Affects P/N 470908-9013 (Cessna P/N C165006-0107) Exhaust By-Pass Valves installed on Cessna 402C aircraft.

Rotomaster Service Letter #27A

Sep 24, 1982

Rajay Turbocharger Model 325E10 Inspection of Turbine Housings P/N TC-60-11 and/or 600510-01, 600510-02. Requires repetitive inspection of affected turbine housings at 200 hour intervals per FAA Airworthiness Directive 82-27-03.